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Safe Opening and Safe Moving

Safe Opening and Safe Moving

With 21 years in the safe industry and almost 80 years in staff industry experience, West Coast Safes has the expertise and equipment to do Safe Openings, Safe Drilling, Safe Servicing and Safe Moving throughout Southern California. We have delivered, installed and moved tens of thousands of safes over the years. Safe moving requires the right equipment and trucks as well as trained professionals to move your safe efficiently and safely without damage.

If at some point in time, your safe fails to open and all the industry's manipulation tricks still won't get it open, then your safe probably will have to be drilled and have a new lock installed. Safe Crackers have the capability to get your safe drilled open, but what is the condition of your safe when they are done? Can a new lock be installed? Is the safe is as good as new? Or do you now own a safe paperweight that is full of holes, but open. The art of Professional Safe Cracking, when the safe needs to be usable (good as new) afterward is what true safe cracking, safe opening, safe drilling business is all about.

Contact West Coast Safes for all your safe moving, safe installation, safe drilling and safe opening needs in Southern California at 800-933-3515.

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