High Security Gun Safes

High Security Gun Safes Hardplate

What does it mean? TL-30 & TL-30X6

TL-30 and TL-30X6 gun safes are extreme high-security safes designed to protect firearms and other valuables. Safes of this caliber are typically used by jewelry stores, pawn shops, coin shops, or other businesses that deal with high value items or large quantities of cash. If you have a valuable collection and are looking for the best security and fire rating safes can offer, these are the safes for you. 

A TL-30 rating means the door is rated to withstand professional level attacks using hand tools and pneumatic tools, or a combination of both, for a period of at least 30 minutes. These safes are also fire rated at 1850°F for 2 hours. TL-30 safes are potentially eligible for up to $250,000 in insurance coverage, depending on your insurance company and application (commercial or residential). Professionals at Underwriters Laboratories (UL) test the safe to achieve this rating. UL is a global safety science company headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois

The TL-30X6 designation indicates that all six sides of the safe (including the door) are built to withstand the same professional level attacks for a minimum length of 30 minutes. All 6 sides of a TL-30X6 are TL-30 rated, rather than only the door. These safes are also fire rated at 1850°F for 2 hours. TL-30X6 safes are potentially eligible for up to $500,000 in insurance coverage, depending on your insurance company and application (commercial or residential). 

American High Security Gun Safes

American Security constructs TL-30 and TL-30X6 high security gun safes with heavy-duty steel and a high density concrete amalgamation. They also feature a sophisticated locking mechanism with multiple relocking devices, drill-resistant hardplate, optional 3-way bolt work, glass re-locker, and high security secondary auxiliary key lock. These safes provide the highest level of protection against burglary and unauthorized access.

High Security Gun Safes relocker

What to look for?

When looking for a high security gun safe, it’s important to consider your specific needs, such as the size and weight of the safe, its fire rating, and any additional features like electronic access or interior layout. We also recommend checking for certifications from recognized security organizations, such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL). This ensures that the safe meets industry standards or your insurance policy’s requirements.

It’s worth noting that while a TL-30X6 safe is a top-tier security solution, it’s always important to follow proper firearm safety procedures and store guns in a responsible manner to prevent unauthorized access or misuse.

High Security Gun Safe: Installation

TL-30 & TL-30X6 Gun safes are extremely heavy, starting around 3400lbs. When installing these high security gun safes it is imperative that you have them installed by a professional. Many lighter safes can be self-installed but with something this heavy, extreme caution needs to be taken. If you are contemplating purchasing a TL-30/TL-30X6 there are a few things to consider;


They are much heavier than typical gun safes. Delivery is typically reserved for the ground floor when putting a high security gun safe into a home. Level access and wide doors are a must. Door thresholds, steps, curbs, will severely limit installation options. Inside the home, we also have to be aware that the flooring may not handle the weight. Certain types of tile and floating finished wood floors are often too delicate to support 3000+ lbs. 


Their depth will often limit which doors we can fit through. Considerably deeper than most large gun safes, high security gun safes are modeled after commercial safes. Most TL-30/TL-30X6 safes need at least a 36″ opening to fit through, which eliminates many standard residential interior doors. 

Garage Installation:

We typically install these commercial level safes in customers’ garages as they were designed for installation in businesses or warehouses with concrete flooring and larger doors or roll-up door access. For added security, we can also bolt these safes down. To manage humidity levels, we always recommend a dehumidifier in any safe. With power outlets standard in almost all TL-30 and TL-30X6 gun safes, a goldenrod style dehumidifier is our go-to choice.