How Good Are Liberty Safes?

The quick and simple answer is they are a great safe manufacturer with many different options for any budgets. But what makes them special?

Customer Satisfaction

There’s a reason Liberty Safes is a household name. With over 2 million customers and a 98% customer satisfaction rating Liberty has the history to back up their name. Check out some of their reviews on products like the Liberty Colonial 23 here!

American Made

West Coast Safes offers Liberty Safes full lineup of American made safes. A few exaamples are the Colonial series, Fatboy, Franklin, Lincoln, Presidential, and USA Series.

Top of the line lifetime warranty

Liberty offers one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry! They will replace your safe in the case of a fire or an attempted break-in. At no cost to you! This includes costs for delivery and installation of your new safe and the cost for removing your old safe.

The lifetime warranty is even transferable unlike many companies you can sell or pass down your safe and still give the recipient the original warranty.

5 year lock warranty’s come standard with any liberty safe and there are even available extended warranties to extend the time of the warranty to 15 years or lifetime.

A quick an easy quiz for you take if you are unsure what safe is right for you

Liberty offers a safe quiz that gives you an idea of what safes might suit your needs.

You can take it here:

A wide selection of safes

Liberty sells many safes from budget friendly import safes such as the Centurion 121824 to the high end National Security Magnum Series.


West Coast Safes sells many different manufactures so it can be tough to narrow it down to one. Liberty is one of our most popular manufactures for a reason and is a perfect choice for someone looking to protect their belongings and/or firearms. If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to call or contact our store and talk to one of our many safe experts.