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American Security (Amsec) safes offers a very affordable import fire safes line of safes.  All safes in this category have a 1700 degree/1 hour fire certification and modest burglary protection for low amounts of value.  The import fire safes include the following models: FS914E5LP (with E5LP Electronic Lock), FS149E5LP (with E5LP Electronic Lock), FS914 (with combination dial lock), FS149 (with combination dial lock) and the FS1814E5LP (with E5LP Electronic Lock).  All of the import fire safes are built to be bolted down to a shelf or floor.  The E5LP features: illuminated keypad, factory reset combination for resolving lost combination issues, beep and flash from every keystroke, lock can also be programmed to be silent and also a 15 minute penalty lockout after four incorrect combination entries. The American Security Products (Amsec) is the only 1 hour economical fire safe with a high security electronic lock.  See all of these safes here or in our showroom.