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Amsec Floor Safes

Amsec floor safes come in all shapes and sizes, including rectangular body Round lift-out door safes, tube floor safes with round lift-out doors and all sizes of rectangular super brute floor safes, many in stock and all with the cheapest shipping available. When properly installed in a concrete floor, a floor safe offers great fire protection as well as a secure, hidden location for cash, jewelry and other valuables.  Also, with our cheap shipping rates and super low prices, we can offer almost free shipping that almost always beats our competitor’s free shipping prices.  Check out all of our Amsec floor safes including our best selling Super Brute series of floor safes.  For those who like the security of the round lift-out door, the tubular body safes are the ticket. Our showroom display all of the Super Brute series with the B2200 and B3700 being our two best selling amsec floor safes.