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Amsec Gun Safes

American Security Products, also known as Amsec is one of the largest safe manufacturers in the world. Amsec Gun Safes offers the BF gun safe with ½” solid plate steel in the door (⅜” on BF7250 and BF6024) and 2 Hour fire protection are the most unique gun safes in the industry. Amsec BF gun safes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, the BF6024, BF6030, BF6636, BF7240 and the BF7250 and have a 2 hour fire rating as well. The BFII safes come in all the same sizes but with a 4 gauge inner liner and a high security door.  The Amsec safes RFX High Security Gun Safes series are U.L. TL-30 x 6 high security safes with an 1850°/2 hour fire rating. Both sizes of the RFX high security gun safes sizes, the RFX58280 and RFX703620 are on display in our showroom.  The Amsec gun safes RF series is the only TL-30 high security gun safe in the industry and also has an 1850°/2 hour fire rating. Amsec BF gun Safes are one of the best mid grade gun safes in the industry today. American Security gun safes also offer the NF gun safes and TF series of gun safes, an economical solution to problem of where to lock up the guns and valuables. The NF gun safes and TF gun safes are import products.  American Security gun safes offer great fit and finish, excellent fire certifications, strong build characteristics and a great value for today’s discerning buyer.