Huge Rebates on Browning Safes June 15th-July31st!!!

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The Amsec BFX gun safes are also known as American Security BFX gun safes whose body encloses a proprietary Dry Light insulation.  Amsec BFX gun safes have the following features: 2″ total wall thickness on all sides, All Amsec BFX Gun Safes feature two layers of steel consisting of an outer and inner steel liner for dual security protection, American Security BFX series features 4 pre-cut anchor holes and 1 electrical outlet, The Amsec BFII gun safes were awarded the U.L. Residential Security Container (RSCII) burglary classification.  All American Security BFX safes have a ½” (3/8″ on the BFX6024 and the BFX7250) (BFII safes have 1/2″ doors on all sizes) steel plate doors combined with 1″ Dry Light insulation, 11 massive 1½” thick locking bolts to provide superior door security, Amsec BFX Gun Safes feature an ETL fire protection of 1200 degrees for 120 minutes, all American Security BFX safes have a unique mirrored back wall in the interior of the safe.  Be sure to check out the best selling size the BFX6030 along with all the other sizes, BFX6024 (closet sized safe), BFX6032 (closet sized safe), BFX6636, BFX7240 and the BFX7250.  All available as the standard BFX gun safe or the upgraded BFII gun safe.