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Amsec high security gun safes like RF6528, RFX582820 and the RFX703620 gun safes are the only Underwriter’s Laboratory TL-30 and TL-30 x 6 high security tool resistant safes in the market today. American Security’s RFX703620 and RFX582820 high security gun safes are the top of the heap. With over 4600lbs of security and fire protection, the RFX703620 gun safe earned the U.L. TL-30 x 6 high security rating and an 1850 degree/2 hour fire certification. The RFX582820 safe offers the same level of protection at the 3400 lbs in a slightly smaller safe. These Amsec high security gun safes have a flexible velour interior and can be finished with textured paint color options or high gloss paint (RF6528 only). The Amsec RF6528 is for the collector that absolutely has to have the best fire and burglary protection available today but does not want to venture into the realm of the TL-30×6. Trust the RFX703620, the RFX582820 and the RF6528 Amsec high security safes for all your collectibles.