Rhino LNS2618 Nightstand Safe on sale while supplies last!

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West Coast Safes offers California DOJ Compliant Safes for Handguns and Pistols including the Amsec hand gun safes. From the PS1210HD to the PS1210EZ we have a complete selection of Handgun safes and Pistol Boxes. We also offer the more economical PB3 hand gun box. HAS410 Amsec hand gun safes mount under the counter or under a desk.  Choose West Coast Safes for the safe keeping of small valuables, medicines, firearms, or other personal belongings from getting into the wrong hands while still providing you with quick access. Amsec hand gun safes are safe, quick and secure protection for you hand gun.  Our Ontario, California showroom has over 170 safes on display including a large display of hand gun safes.  Amsec produces some of the best quick access handgun and pistol boxes available today and at a variety of economical prices.  Our showroom is open 10am to 6pm, Monday thru Saturday.