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AMSEC safes “B” Rate money manager drop safes can be mounted under a counter.  The MM2820EE comes in 3 drop configurations, the top drop, the center drop and the 3 drop for when there are 3 shifts and each shift needs it’s own drop spot. With one door for entry into the drop safe and the other door for entry to management petty cash and money storage the MM2820EEs are the ideal money manager drop safes. Depository safes are recommended for any operation that requires a nonreturnable deposit such as armored car companies, convenience stores, restaurants, etc. The secured deposit and receiving compartments protect against mysterious disappearance and pilferage.  At West Coast Safes, we display and stock the MM2820EE money management drop safes.  Come in to the showroom and see which depository safes will suit your needs best.  Our Ontario, California showroom is open 10am-6pm, Monday thru Saturday or you can call and talk to one of our safe experts.