Huge Rebates on Browning Safes June 15th-July31st!!!

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There are many differences between a Browning pinnacle gun safes and other high end safes. Browning Pinnacle safes offer thick 3/16″ body steel. The gear drive heavy door has active bolts on all four sides and corner bolts at the front of the door Browning ProSteel has over three decades of experience in creating the industry’s leading safes for guns and safe-related products. When you look closely you’ll see that when all is said and done, you can trust Browning ProSteel safes and Browning Gun Safes.  Browning Pinnacle safes are standard with LED lighting, a jewelry drawer, letter holder and a plush cedar wood interior. One major difference between Browning Pinnacle safes, Browning gun safes and the competition is our exclusive DPX Storage System. This patented system gives you the ability to store rifles, shotguns and pistols on the door where they are easy to access. The Browning Pinnacle safes come in 3 sizes, the Pinnacle 49, Pinnacle 49T and the Pinnacle 65T.  See the full line of Browning gun safes on display in our Ontario showroom.