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The New Browning ProSteel Grand gun safes offer quality security, fire protection and appearance in one of the largest gun safes in the industry.Browning Grand safes is a Browning ProSteel safe from Browning ProSteel Safes. The Grand safes series are the perfect blend of high quality security, fire protection, appearance and value. The Browning Grand safe series feature sate-of-the-art construction techniques that result in increased security and fire protection, with a fire certification of 1680 degrees for 90 minutes. The Pry-Stop End Bolts secure the door to pry attacks. The Grand gun safes also offer the exclusive Browning Prosteel DPX Storage System with Scope Saver provides unique storage options for long guns and other valuables. Check out the features of the Browning Grand safes and you will agree that you have found one of the best mid level gun safes in the in the US today.  The the entire line of US built Browning safes on display in our showroom.  The Prosteel Grand safe comes in 3 sizes, the Grand 33, Grand 49 and the Grand 65.