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All Amsec Super Brute floor safes are designed to provide secure storage for documents, jewelry, precious metals and miscellaneous valuables at an economical price. When properly installed in a concrete floor, the Amsec Super Brute floor safes provide excellent fire and burglary protection. Super Brute floor safes meet and exceed the requirements of the Insurance Offices Manual of Burglary Insurance.  The Amsec Super Brute floor safes come in a number of sizes, the B1500, B2200, B2900, B3700, B3800 and the B5800.  An in ground safe is not always the best choice for convenient usage, but if you intent is to store valuables or commodities out of site and secure, without needing to access the safe regularly, then a floor safe may just be the way to go.  You may also add many options to customize your safe, such as: a drop slot in the door, depository chute, digital keypad lock and keylocking dial to name a few. Amsec Super Brute floor safes may be installed in the floor, wall, cladding, or within a larger safe. Also, with our cheap shipping rates and super low prices, we can offer almost free shipping that almost always beats our competitor’s free shipping prices.