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Fort Knox Titan Gun Safes are a step above anything else that the industry offers. The Titan Vault begins with an outer body of 3/16″ (7ga) steel and also contains an inner layer of 3/16″ AR500 ballistic rated steel. Fort Knox also includes this 3/16″ AR500 inside the Reinforced Fire Door in addition to their full steel plate reinforcement. Fort Knox Titan gun safes are standard with an AR500 steel liner that is 200 times harder than carbon steel and almost impossible to cut with standard tools. Fort Knox’s patented Rack and Pinion 5-to-1 reduction gear drive, Corner Bolts, LED lighting, and 90 minute fire rating at 1680°F round out the features standard on the impressively built Titan series. Fort Knox Titan gun safes come in many sizes, 6031, 6637, 7241, 7251 and 7261 gun safes.  As with all of their safes, the Fort Knox Titan Gun Safes are proudly made in the United States and boast the most comprehensive lifetime warranty. This includes the lock, interior, handle/bolt work, mechanism, clutch, and body of the vault.