Huge Rebates on Browning Safes June 15th-July31st!!!

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These safe cloaks fit the Amsec 6024, 6030, 6636, 7240, 7250 size safes or any safe 60×24, 60×30, 66×36, 72×40, 72×50 sized safe or gun safe.  Safe cloaks and safe covers are an obvious choice in a garage safe application, as the safe cloak makes the safe (at quick glance) appear to be just another garage cabinet while the safe cover completely covers the safe from view.  For many people, the garage, is the best place to install a safe or gun safe because there is just no good location inside the house.  Safe cloaks just make the garage installed safe less obvious to someone walking or driving by if your garage door happens to be open.  The safe cloaks utilize a large 6″ wide magnet at the top of the safe cloak to hold the safe cloaks in position on the top of the safe.  When you want to get inside your safe, simply lift the safe cloak up and place it on the top of your safe or gun safe.  Once your are done inside the safe, close the door and lock the safe, securing it, then drop the safe cloak back into place and the safe almost disappears.  Well, it does not disappear, but you get the idea.  Liberty safe also offers the safe cover which also hides your safe completely from view.  The safe covers come in every size for all of the Liberty safes and will fit many other similarly sized safes as well.  West Coast Safes for all of your safe, gun safe and vault needs.