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The security and care of a safe or gun safe is a topic worthy of a little discussion.  When it comes to the security and care of your gun safe,  the best security for the long term is to bolt down your safe, so that it cannot be moved, unless you want to have it moved.  Try the safe anchor kit, to bolt your safe down.  As far as care for your safe, the best outfitted your safe is the better it will serve your long term needs.  Think Liberty outlet kit to install an electrical outlet inside your Liberty safe.  With an outlet inside your gun safe, you can add LED lighting or a dehumidifier.  LED lighting is a great option that allows you to easily see what you need to see inside your safe.  Dehumidifiers, either electrical like the Goldenrod dehumidifiers or the Eva Dry E333 (does not need electrical outlet) help to control moisture inside your safe to prevent rust, mold or mildew.  Long term, paying attention to a little to the security and care for your safe or gun safe will pay benefits in the long run.