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Gun Safes

West Coast Safes displays the largest selection of name brand “American Made” gun safes in Southern California.  Safes are available in a variety of sizes, fire ratings and burglary ratings to meet every budget and taste.  Therefore we carry, Amsec gun safes, Liberty gun safes, Champion safes, National Security safes, Summit and Fort Knox safes.  For more options we offer Browning safes, Graffunder safes and Vaults and Superior gun safes.

Liberty Gun Safes

Liberty gun safes, America’s best selling brand of safes for over a two decades. Offering economical to high-end safes, Therefore, Liberty is considered to be the best bang for the buck today, hence they are the best selling brand in the USA. We have over 50 Liberty gun safes on display everyday.

Amsec Gun Safes

American Security/Amsec gun safes offers American made safes from the BF , BFII, RF and RFX series.  Options in security ratings from RSC (Residential Security Container), RSC Level 2, U.L. TL-30 and U.L. TL-30 x 6, the latters, therefore, being very heavy.  All Amsec gun safes, from the BF series up, have 2 hour fire protection.  The BF and BFII safes have a 1200 Degree/2hour fire rating.  The RF and RFX series have an 1850 Degree/2 hour fire certification.  The BF series, BFII series, RF and  the RFX series are Amsec gun safes, on display in our showroom.

Summit Safes

Summit safes have made it a priority to put more steel in their safes than most any comparably priced competitors in the industry.  One of the nicest features of Summit safes is the heavy duty mechanism inside the door of every safe. Summit’s bolt work, is also stainless steel, therefore they offer incredible pry protection.

Superior Safes

Superior safes offers the only triple-step door in the gun safe industry today.  The Master gun safes are our best selling Superior series, hence Superior’s best bang for the buck.  But, the Supreme and Untouchable will stand toe to toe with the best high end safes made today.  Superior’s double and triple step doors make for some of the best pry protection in a gun safe today.  So, take a look at the Master, Supreme and Untouchable series in their line up.

Graffunder Safes

Graffunder builds safes and gun safes the old fashion way, with massive amounts of plate steel, therefore, very heavy safes.  All Graffunder B rate safes have 1/4″ body plate steel and a 1/2″ plate steel door.  The Graffunder C rate safes have 1/2″ body plate steel and 1″ plate in the door.  And the Graffunder E and F rate safes have 1″ plate steel bodies and 1-1/2″ plate steel doors. The F rate door has an outer laminate of Manganese for torch protection, hence, a torch proof door.

Fort Knox Safes

Fort Knox gun safes are an all American line up of safes.  Because of this, their safes start at mid level for the industry and go to the Legend series at the very high end. There are many steel options on most of the Fort Knox safes models, first, thicker outer steel, second, more layers of inner steel.  Also offered is AR500 ballistic steel and stainless steel.  Since stainless steel is very torch resistant, the result, the Legend is a torch resistant safe. Vaults of the gun safe world, that is what Fort Knox gun safes are called.

Champion Safes

Champion safes are built in a wide variety of safe models.  The mid level Champion safes and above are built in Utah, the entry level safes are assembled in their Mexico factory with American steel and parts.  Double and triple step door from Champion safes, offer great pry protection, so look for them on the Triumph and Crown series.

National Security

National Security safes (a division of Liberty gun safes), is a personal favorite. These safes offer mid level build to high end safes, with some of the nicest interiors in the industry.  Because National Security Magnum series offers a 1200 Degree/2.5 hour fire rating, you are prepared for the worst fire that Mother Nature can throw at you.

Browning Safes

Browning offers a wide variety of safes and gun safes with one of the most unique interior available today.  The Axis interior is about the most flexible interior you can have in a safe. Their DPX door system, is the only door organizer that allows you to mount a multitude of long guns on the door.  Hence, Browning offers the most flexible interior available today.  Browning/ProSteel offers inexpensive import safes and US made safes from Utah.

West Coast Safes

West Coast Safes also offers an entry level safe. The West Coast series is built for us by Superior/Champion.   In our opinion, the West Coast series is the stoutest safe with the most features in their price point.  And let’s not leave out Rhino Metals safes with the Antique finish, they are a true head turner.


Because there so many options, we understand what a difficult undertaking it can be to make the absolute best decision. So, that is why our professional safe experts are available to assist you.  Plan a visit to our Ontario, CA showroom.  West Coast Safes is open the longest hours of any safe showroom in Southern California. Open 10am – 6pm, Monday thru Saturday and has the largest display of safes in all of Southern California.  Choosing the right safe to fit your long term needs becomes so much easier when you can see and touch all of the major “Made in the USA” safes.  That is why, you can see Amsec gun safes (American Security), Browning, Champion gun safes, Fort Knox safes, Graffunder, Liberty gun safes, Superior and Summit safes everyday in our massive showroom.

What Safe to Choose

When choosing a safe, we recommend mid level or above.  Think Liberty gun safes Franklin and Lincoln, Amsec gun safes BF, Champion gun safes Triumph, Fort Knox safes Defender and Protector, Browning/Prosteel Deluxe and Prestige, Graffunder Bishop, Summit Ranier and the Superior Master series.  There are no bad decisions or mistakes to be made at the mid level.  Buying mid level, just becomes choices.  What do I want to look at, what features float my boat and what do I want to pay for.  Hence, at the Mid level in the gun safe industry, you cannot make a mistake, they are all good safes.

Import Safes

Since most of the entry level safes come from China, there are many mistakes to be made.  The biggest of which, is that most of the China import safes will not withstand much in a pry attack. Secondly, they usually have little fire protection, in the event of a fire.  Entry level China safes are cheap products that big box stores can sell to the uninformed consumer. Most people think safe means burglar proof and fireproof, when neither word exists.  Gun Safes are designed to give time, time against a break in attempt and time against a fire. Mid level US made safes offer the best balance between those two and your budget.

Our Showroom

With 200 safes on display and being open Monday thru Saturday, we are a one stop shop.  Come in, call or email, so you can talk to one of our safe and vault experts.  West Coast Safes has a combined 115 years of safe experience within our showroom walls.