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American Security Gun Safes

American Security gun safes offer the most complete line-up of gun safes (including the Amsec BF, BFII Gun Safes, the NF gun safes and the high security RF6528, RFX703620, RFX582820 Gun Safes).  American Security gun safes build the BF, BFII gun safes series and all of their high security gun safes in the US.  American Security is the only US built gun safe manufacturer that offers TL-30 (RF6528) and TL-30×6 (RFX703620 and RFX582820), the RFX gun safes.  American Security’s BF series comes in many sizes for every application, from the compact BF6024 to the mega gun safe, the BF7250.  American Security gun safes have been a trusted name for safes and gun safes in America for over 5 decades and when you purchase your safe from West Coast Safes, we offer the best pricing and best delivery/shipping prices in the US.  Call in and talk to one of our safe experts and ask which BF gun safe, RF or RFX high security gun safe will best suit your long terms needs.  With over 170 safes and gun safes on display in our showroom, including the Amsec BF series and the high security, the RF gun safes and RFX gun safes the RF6528 and RFX703620 you are sure to find the best safe for you and your budget.