Price Increases Coming August 1st; Save Hundreds Now!

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Fort Knox Maverick Gun Safes are just the beginning of Fort Knox’s extensive lineup. With the Maverick Series, design standards are equivalent to most of the other manufactures upper end products. Compare the details and the value and security of the Maverick gun safe series and see how it sets itself about the rest of the safe industry. Don’t be fooled by the price, the Maverick gun safe is a formidable, fully-featured entry-level safe. Compare its heavy 11ga body thickness, vastly greater door thickness, 75 minute fire rating at 1200°F, and very reasonable price to most competitor’s mid to upper level safes. Fort Knox Maverick gun safes are perfect for budget-minded buyers looking for a great value. As with all of their safes, the Fort Knox Maverick Gun Safes are proudly made in the United States and boast the most comprehensive lifetime warranty. This includes the lock, interior, handle/bolt work, mechanism, clutch, and body of the vault.