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National Security Safes

National Security Magnum safes are available in many high gloss automotive finishes and 3 different hardware finish choices.  A classy feathered edge paint scheme is available on 4 colors.  External Hinges, an off-set handle (Magnum series) and detailed scroll work add to the Old-West style. The Magnum Series comes standard with Liberty’s highest 1200 Degree/2.5 HOURS of fire protection.  National Security gun safes offer the GX-480 gear drive mechanism, the best in its class to resist side punching, drilling or punching.  This includes the National Security Magnum series, National Security Classic Plus series and the National Security Classic Select series.  Additionally, the Nationals are UL™ Certified as a Residential Security Container (RSC) burglary classification.  On top of that, Ball bearing steel hard plate shatters drill bits, defeating lock drill attacks.

All National Security safes include S&G’s upgraded 6730 mechanical lock.  National Security gun safes are standard with LED lighting, jewelry drawers, electrical outlets with CAT 5 and USB connectors.

The National Security Classic Select series (Classic Select 25, 40, 50 and Classic Extreme 60) is the starting point.  Secondly, the National Security Classic Plus series (Classic Plus 25, 40, 50) is the next step up.  Thirdly, the National Security Magnum series (Magnum 25, 40, and 50) is the top of the line.  All Nationals are on display in our  showroom , and are therefore sure to be on your short list for the safe you want.