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Handgun and Pistol Safes

Keep your pistols away from unauthorized access with our handgun and pistol safes. We offer pistol safes from Liberty, Vaultek, American Security, and V-Line.

Quick access is the most important aspect of self defense. Combining your handgun safe to keep a easy to get to self defense weapon with a gun safe gets you the best of both worlds when it comes to self defense and security.


By far our most popular Handgun and Pistol safes come from Vaultek. They offer many different sizes, colors, and variations of their products.

Vaultek is known for having a step up electronically compared to other safes with its futuristic biometric abilities and even WIFI connection to get alerts about attempted break ins.

Liberty Safes

Liberty has a total of 5 Handgun and Pistol safes all ranging in different size and shapes. Liberty has some of the most affordable pistol boxes on the market starting at just $30.

American Security

American security carries a total of 2 pistol boxes each being our recommended pistol boxes. Both have the ability to be bolted down keeping your items safe and not being able to be easily taken by a burglar.

Need Help?

Talk to one of our safe specialists or read “What is the Best Safe For Me?“ West Coast Safes also offers professional and discreet delivery and installation of your new safe.