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Amsec handgun safes (hand gun boxes) come in a variety of models.  The Defense vault DV652 and the PB3 handgun safe have an electronic lock, while the PS1210HD  and PS1210EZ operate with the use of a simplex lock that requires no batteries.  Amsec handgun safes (hand gun boxes) have been used for years to protect children and others from unauthorized use of a hand gun.  All of the Amsec hand gun safes come predrilled so they can be bolted down to a shelf or whatever you would like to bolt them to.  West Coast Safes displays all of the Amsec handgun safes (Amsec pistol safes) in our showroom and also display a complete line of safe and gun safe accessories for your every need.  West Coast Safes is the largest display of safes, gun safes, vaults, vault doors and safe and gun safes accessories in Southern California.  West Coast Safes is open 10am to 6pm, Monday thru Saturday and our handgun boxes and pistol safes are always on sale.