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Fort Knox Pistol Boxes (Hand Gun Safes) are some of the best and most reliable handgun and pistol boxes in the industry.  Fort Knox handgun boxes come in a variety of sizes and models, but the two most popular are the Fort Knox Original and the Fort Knox Personal pistol boxes.  Fort Knox uses thick heavy steel in the handgun boxes and also uses the very reliable simplex lock that does not require any batteries or AC power.  Weighing in at over 20 lbs the Original and the Personal pistol boxes are stout handgun safes.  West Coast Safes sells the Fort Knox Pistol boxes (Hand Gun Safes) at discount prices and stocks them for pick up and quick shipment via UPS.  West Coast Safes has a complete line of all the Fort Knox safes and gun safes including the pistol boxes.  West Coast Safes safes is the premier dealer in Southern California for all safes Fort Knox.  A Fort Knox Hand Gun Safe is a great way to keep a loaded handgun available for quick access, but still very secure.