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Vaultek safes MX series are designed and built to the highest quality providing true value to our customers and make a real contribution to the community.  Vaultek MX series come in a variety of opening options; push button (all models), key (all models), biometric (MXi), and bluetooth(all models).

Vaultek safes MX series features:

INTERIOR LED LIGHT Adjustable interior light allows for visibility of your belongings even in the dark.

ANTI-PRY BARS Prevent tools and small objects trying to penetrate safe exterior.

BACKLIT KEYPAD Proximity sensor detects your hand to illuminate keys and features over 14 thousand combinations.

RUGGED CONSTRUCTION Hybrid construction uses progressive forming for increased rigidity and a powder coated exterior finish.

DUAL ANTI-IMPACT LATCHES Drop tested for the ultimate in rugged performance.

MOUNTING Two pre-drilled holes in the back of the safe allowing for easy mounting of the hand gun safe.

SMART ALIGN SCANNER High resolution scanner grants quick and accurate access to the safe. (MXi)

There is no better way to secure a single handgun from small hands or the wrong hands than Vaultek safes MX series handgun safes.