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We offer the best and most affordable TL-15 TL-30 Amvault high security safes on the Internet. Whether you are looking for high security jewelry safes or high security for cash and other valuables, the American Security   TL-15 TL-30 Amvault high security safes and TL-30×6 high security safes offer various sizes to accommodate your needs. Our Amvault high security safes are the ideal choice for those seeking the absolute best protection for your valuables. Amvault high security safes are the standard by which others are judged. Their protection capabilities surpass all others on the market. These personal security safes have been tested against the most extreme burglary attempts, which earns the highest security and fire certifications available – the TL-15 TL-30 high security safes labels. They have also been heated to 1,850° F for two hours to earn an 1850°/2 hour fire certification. These certifications allow you to rest easy knowing all your important and valuable possessions are well-protected in case of fire or theft. They make for an ideal place to store important documents such as birth certificates, social security cards, passports, deeds, titles, wills, medical records and insurance policies. They also make ideal jewelry safes.