Liberty Safes Categories

Liberty Safes–The #1 selling brand of gun safes in America! Liberty Safe offers gun safes and home safes for all levels of security and fire protection and for every budget. Join the over two million customers who have found peace of mind owning a Liberty gun safe. When it comes to security, fire protection and a zero cost lifetime limited warranty there’s nothing like owning a Liberty Safe.

Nobody beats Liberty Safes. A Liberty gun safe is the standard by which other gun safes are measured. While no safe is fire proof or burglary proof, a Liberty safe is built to pass the higher requirements for home fire test standards and assaults from professional safe crackers hired by Underwriter’s Laboratory. Liberty Safes Presidential gun safes and our best selling Lincoln gun safes offer the best fire certifications in the gun safe industry as well as many standard features that other manufacturers consider options. You can see all of the Liberty safes in our showroom.  West Coast Safes displays the entire line of Liberty gun safes and home safes.