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The Liberty Vault Door by Liberty Safes combines style with superior theft and fire protection for an elegant look that fits any home or office decor. Massive 4-inch military style locking bars that are 1/2 inch thick will defend against any pry attacks. 2.5 hour fire rated door and heat-expanding Palusol door seal protects from smoke and heat. Liberty Vault Doors include both inside release 3-point handle and inside lock lever to lock door from the inside as a panic room.

If your plans include a whole room full of items to protect…the Liberty Vault Door (by Liberty safes) will get the job done. Security in this vault door is provided by the 7 gauge frame and 1/4 inch laminate 12 gauge composite fire door with 1/4 inch steel door plate.  Fire protection includes 4 layers of fireboard in the door and a Palusol Heat Expanding V-Seal to keep out smoke and heat. Inside door release and panic room lock lever included. Choose your Liberty Vault door finish in either Textured Black or Gray Marble with a five spoke handle.  Vault doors are a great way to turn a normal room into a usable vault room.

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