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SUMMIT DENALI GUN SAFES, PUTTING THE STEEL BACK IN SAFES, Purchasing one of the Summit Denali gun safes can be one of the most important investments you’ll ever make.  While many competitors may offer what looks like a quality gun safe, or a lower price, nobody else makes a gun safe with this much steel, steel reinforced jambs and stainless steel bolts. Summit Denali gun safes are one of the strongest built gun safes in the industry. Picking the right safe in the long run is about picking the safe that will do the job, if it is tested. That means going through a break in attempt or a severe fire. You get what you pay for and with the Summit Denali gun safes, that is a lot more steel and fire protection than most of Summit safes competition. The Summit Denali gun safe door jamb is 1¼” of solid steel on all 4 sides of the door, the most steel in any door jamb in the gun safe industry. Summit safes also offers an exclusive slider system in their safes, which makes getting to your weapons, the easiest in the industry. Summit gun safes are all about making sure you are getting the best gun safe for your home and your valuables.