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Super Short home safes, sometimes great things come in small packages. The Super Short series of home burglary and fire safes have many of the same features as the larger Superior gun safes but with a more compact design. The Super Short series features a 12-gauge steel body, four-way active bolt work, a U.L. Laboratories RSC (residential security container) security certification  and a 1350° 60-minute fire rating. The Super Short home safes 9 and 12 will fit in most any sliding door or coat closet and can easily be bolted to the floor so the safe cannot be removed until you are ready to have the safe moves. External hinges provide a full 180° door opening. Just as tough as our full-size gun safes, the Superior Super Short series is recognized for its superiority and enduring value.  Check out the Super Short home safes series in our Ontario, California showroom open 10am to 6pm, Monday thru Saturday.  The Super Short series has been discontinued, but we will still offer them with stock on hand.