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Used safes at discount prices. When you are looking for quality at a discount price, consider one of our trade ins. We have trade-ins, close outs, and promos of many shapes and sizes. We also get TL-15 and TL-30 high security safes. If you are in need of a gun safe, jewelry safe, fire safe or any other type of safe, check us out. These safes come and go quickly, so check back regularly if a trade in safe or close out gun safe is what you are looking for. You can also contact us and we will put on a list for a trade in safes and contact you when what you need is available.  When we bring in a pre owned safe, it is typically from a trade in on something newer and bigger.  Once we have the old safe, we touch up any paint issues (if there are any) and normally service the original lock if it is in good condition. We typically replace old electronic locks with either something newer or a mechanical dial. This is, of course, if the safe is old enough to warrant having a new lock installed.  Our pre owned safes are a good way to buy quality at a budget price.