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The Rhino Vault Doors are offered in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of your vault room build: (Out-Swing) VD 8030, VD 8035, VD 8040, VD 8045, and (In-Swing) VD 8240. The Rhino Vault Doors are handcrafted with pride in the USA and built to last! All vault door models come standard with a Sargeant & Greenleaf combination dial lock with an option to retrofit a Sargeant & Greenleaf electronic lock in its place. Each vault door is also offered with the option to decide whether the door is a right-hand or left-hand opening hinge to accommodate the specifics of your vault room build.

Rhino Vault Doors Required Opening Dimensions:

  • Each Out-Swing model requires a rough door opening of 80″H x 30″W, 35″W, and 45″W respectively.
  • The In-Swing model requires a rough door opening of 82″H x 40″W.

Rhino Vault Doors Features:

  • U.L. Listed S&G Lock
  • Fire Resistant Composite Door Construction with a Palusol Door Seal and Internal Fire
  • Ball Bearing Drill Plate Protects the Lock
  • Tempered Glass Remote Relocker and Spring Loaded Relocker Deadbolt System
  • 12 GA with 1/4″ Insert
  • Heavy Duty 1/4″ Steel Door and Frame
  • 8″ Plus Deep Frame, Telescoping Inner & Outer Door Frame for Secure Installation
  • Rhino Vault Doors Patented Anti-tamper Clutched Handle
  • 1-1/4″ Diameter Door Bolts
  • Hinges Allow Greater than 90° Opening for Better Access
  • Available as In-Swing or Out-Swing
  • Internal Release Mechanism and Override for Lock-in Situations
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (Details in Owner’s Manual)
  • Free Repair or Replacement After Burglary or Fire
  • Unique Antiqued Finish

Rhino Vault Doors Sizes/Weights:

  • VD8030 weight (approx) 900 lbs, offers 16 door bolts
  • VD8035 weight (approx) 1030 lbs, offers 16 door bolts
  • VD8040 weight (approx) 1100 lbs, offers 17 door bolts
  • VD8045 weight (approx) 1180 lbs, offers 17 door bolts
  • VD8240 weight (approx) 755 lbs, offers 21 door bolts (In-Swing model)

For any questions regarding a Rhino Vault Doors, please contact us.