Browning Deluxe 33

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60″ x 31″ x 25 .5″ x 28.5″ overall |100 minute 1680°| 740 lbs  

Product Details: Browning Deluxe 33


The Browning Deluxe 33 gun safes are a ProSteel safe from Browning ProSteel Safes. It offers reliable security with a heavy-duty 11 gauge steel body. Browning gun safes industry innovation of MAX Locking Bolts provides 12-times more surface area than traditional bolts and creates a safe that is twice as pry-resistant as a safe with round bolts.

The versatile storage inside the Browning Deluxe 33 safes includes the AXIS Adjustable Shelving, DPX Storage System with Scope Saver and fabric on the ceiling and walls for a luxurious safe that protects your guns and other valuables. The Browning Deluxe 33 safes also come standard with LED Lighting.

The safes also offer a rugged steel body that is formed and continuously welded for outstanding security and an impressive appearance. Inside-the-door security features include the patented MAX Locking Bolts.  The versatile DPX Storage System with Scope Saver (a Browning Gun Safes exclusive) holds up to 30% more guns. The Prestige Gun Safes by Browning Gun Safes also comes standard with an LED Lighting system.

Browning Deluxe 33 safes Features:

  • Fire Rating: 1680 F for 100 minutes
  • 11-Gauge Steel Body Thickness
  • (10) 4″x1″ MAX Locking Bolts
  • DPX Door Storage
  • Deluxe 33 safes Scope Saver for 4 scoped Long Guns
  • Axis Adjustable Shelving
  • 8 Colors
  • Dimensions 60″ x 31″ x 25 1/2″
  • Weight 740 lbs.
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  • UPC: 023614458937

The Browning Deluxe 33 safes are a great choice for the person that wants it all, but at a budget price.

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Talk to one of our safe specialists or read “What is the Best Safe For Me?“? West Coast Safes also offers professional and discreet delivery and installation of your new safe.

Additional information

Weight 740 lbs


Browning Prosteel Safes

When it comes to fire and theft protection systems, we all have our own ideas of what's the best choice. For Browning Prosteel Gun Safes though, they're confident that they can provide the best system. They combine quality construction, proprietary technology, and patented interior designs to elevate them above the competition and give you peace of mind. Unequaled Fire Protection The fire protection of a safe is more than just the insulation it contains. Other aspects of safe construction play crucial roles in the total fire protection package. Nothing Protects Like Thermablock Browning fire-tests all their safes in ways that other brands do not, because they know that internal hinges with gaps in fire protection leave your valuables unprotected. ThermaBlock and external hinges offer fire protection three times better than the protection provided by other safes of its type.
Gun Safe Storage Solutions
With the Axis shelving system, Browning ProSteel safes offer more space and better organization than any other safe in the industry. The patented interior design of a Browning ProSteel gun safe—available only from Browning - allows you to customize your safe by fitting more valuables inside and making them easier to find.

How do Browning Gun Safes hold 54% more long guns?

The Browning Prosteel gun safes features a back-of-door long gun rack that provides 54% more storage space for long guns, making your most frequently used long guns easily accessible.

Need Help? Talk to one of our safe specialists or read “What is the Best Safe For Me?“ West Coast Safes also offers professional and discreet delivery and installation of your new safe.


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  1. Broke (verified owner)

    While researching the best safe for my needs/budget, I found Steve & Brad always available to answer the phone & capable of answering my questions. Once I decided on my safe I found West Coast not only had a reasonable price, but it was about the only place with 1 in stock. Ordering was a breeze, and they helped with addressing a couple of special issues I had with shipping/delivery. My Browning Deluxe 33 safe is everything I expected it to be. Enough storage for my needs; the on door gun racks keep all the guns I use regularly easily available. And the Axis shelving system beats the “bookcase” shelves found in other safes for versatility and available storage space.

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