Fort Knox Protector 6026

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60″ x 26″ x 20″, 23″ overall | 90 minute 1680°F |  785 lbs

Product Details: Fort Knox Protector 6026


The Fort Knox Protector 6026 gun safes offer great fire and security features in a compact home fire and burglary safe.  With a 1680 degree/90 minute fire certification, over 3/8″ plate steel in the door and 3/16″ steel in the body, this home safe is no light weight.  The Fort Knox Protector has one of the smoothest gear drive mechanisms ever developed in the safe industry.  The door organizer is now standard on the Protector series. The door organizer allows you storage on the door, which buys back space on the shelves inside the safe.  Talk to one of our safe specialists or read “What is the Best Safe For Me?“.  West Coast Safes also offers professional and discreet delivery and installation of your new safe.

Fort Knox Protector 6026 gun safe standard features:

  • UL Listed, so you know that your safes security has been tested.
  • Certified 1680°F/90 minute fire protection.
  • 1¾” Reinforced Fire Door Thickness, so you have excellent pry protection..
  • Quadrafold™ door frame with deep recessed door, so you have excellent pry protection.
  • Protector safes have a 10 gauge door shell wrapped around 2 layers of fire protection and a 1/4″ steel plate.
  • 3/16″ steel outer body, Uni-body construction (1½” total body thickness).
  • 11-1½” diameter active door locking bolts strategically placed at sides, top & bottom of door
  • Bolt Detent, so you won’t get door bolt ding chips in your body paint.
  • Drill deflector bolt guard.
  • EasyGlide™, concealed ball-bearing hinges.
  • Drill stop hard plate with recessed multi-bearings, so your safe can withstand drill attacks.
  • Gold, Chrome and Black Chrome handle available
  • S&G Group II manipulation resistant lock, spy-proof & key lock dial
  • Durable textured finish
  • Carpeted interior, including side walls and door panel
  • Remote Relocker, so you safe will be more difficult to breach.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.

Fort Knox Protector 6026 gun safe popular options:

  • Reinforced steel liner
  • Level II ( 3/16″ to 1/4″ body steel upgrade)
  • Electronic lock, so you’ll have ease of access
  • Light Package, so you can see everything inside your safe easily
  • Door Organizer, so the smaller stuff and hand guns can go on the door and free up shelf space
  • Dehumidifier, so your safe will not have moisture issues
  • Stainless steel package

Fort Knox Protector 6026 dimensions:

60″ x 26″ x 20″ (23″ overall, so this safe will fit in most closets)


16 Cubic Feet

Fort Knox Protector 6026 gun safe fire rating:

1680 Degrees/90 Minutes, so your safe will have enough fire protection to make it through a substantial fire.
785 lbs.

Additional information

Weight 785 lbs


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Fort Knox Gun Safes give you plenty of options to customize your safe the way you want it. Check out any of our Fort Knox Safes and Vault Doors and their many different colors, locks, upgrades, and other accessories that are available. Great Quality American Safes You have the advantage when you select a USA manufactured handcrafted vault. Select the Fort Knox vault door, home safe, gun safe, or security safe that best fits your needs rather than just settling for what comes off the end of the assembly line. Custom build your safe by selecting your color, steel thickness, fire protection and more. Whether it's for storing personal items and valuables or protecting guns and ammo, there are endless options to choose from so that your vault is unique to your needs.

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