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60.5″ x 30″ x 24.5″, 28.5″ overall | 2.5 Hour 1200°F | 990 lbs

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Liberty Presidential 25 gun safes offer more fire protection than other safes at the same price – making it an amazing value!  Liberty Presidential 25 gun safes are packed with security features like 150 minutes of fire protection and 4-sided military-style locking bars that are 4″ wide and 1/2″ thick!

The Liberty Presidential 25 gun safes are built to protect without breaking the bank.  Liberty Presidential safes have many color options and also include Liberty’s door panel, outlet, jewelry drawer and LED light kit which are a nice touch to this Presidential gun safe.

Plus, for more flexibility on the inside, check out the Liberty Presidential 25 gun safes and its 4-in-1 Flex Interior!  So, now you have multiple choices to your interior set up.

Delivery and Installation

Liberty gun safes are the #1 selling brand of gun safes in America.  Talk to one of our safe specialists or read “What is the Best Safe For Me?“.  So, you will know exactly what safe will fit your needs. West Coast Safes also offers professional and discreet delivery and installation of your new safe.

There’s nothing like the Liberty Presidential 25 gun safes. Packed with fire and security features like never before, it’s the best of the best. Just ask Mr. Norquist of Southern California. His Presidential 50 survived the Lake Arrowhead wildfires of October, 2007 .

So, you know your Presidential will stand up to a massive fire.  The Liberty Presidential 25 gun safes packs a whopping 131,000 BTUs, that’s 2.5 Hours at 1200 degrees.

It’s massive 6″ door not only protects from fire but also adds our “best in class” security features, including Liberty’s drill snapping ball-bearing hardplate, gear drive mechanism with slip clutch and thicker 7 gauge steel.  So, this safe will withstand and insane pry attack.

No wonder thieves shudder when they see Liberty Presidential 25 gun safes. A touch of class is added with Liberty’s exclusive 5-point ships wheel handle, elegant beveled edge finishes and a velour interior

Liberty Presidential 25 Gun Safes Fire Protection

  • The best fire protection on the market: 131,000 BTUs and more fireboard than any competitor with 2.5 Hour fire rating @ 1200°F
  • The ultimate in fire protection. ⅝” layers of fire protection include 4 layers in the ceiling, walls and doorjambs with 2 layers of ½” and 2 layers of ⅝” in door
  • The best rated fire seal is used on the Presidentials, Palusol™ a heat activated door seal that expands and sticks

Liberty Presidential 25 Gun Safes Security

  • Awarded the UL™ Residential Security Container burglary classification
  • Thicker 1.5″ thick composite door with multiple layers of fireboard to keep out heat
  • Ball bearing steel hardplate, so drill bits snap defeating lock drill attacks
  • Defensive barrier of 10 – 4″ x 1/2″ military style locking bars to fortify the door
  • Gear-drive bolt locking mechanism with slip clutch 5 point handle thwarts break-in, so you have one of the smoothest mechanisms in the industry
  • UL Listed S&G™ Group II lock guards against lock manipulation

Liberty Presidential 25 Gun Safes Style & Function

  • The ever-popular 5-point ships wheel handle is plated in polished black chrome, chrome or 24K gold
  • Rich pin-dot velour covers the full interior and patented 4-in-1 Flex™ interior
  • Automatic on/off interior lighting illuminates the interior. so you can easily view valuables and documents.  Comes with Liberty’s exclusive Easy Outlet Plug
60.5″ x 30″ x 24.5″, 28.5″ overall, so this safe will fit in most rooms
Weight 990 lbs
Bolt Coverage 4 Sides, so you have pry protection on all 4 sides of the door
Bolt Count 10
Gun Capacity 22, so you have room for plenty of long guns

The Liberty Presidential 25 is in a class of it’s own, with 1200 Degree/2.5 hour fire protection.  Class leading pry protection with the 1/2″ x 4″ military style locking bars.  So, security is to notch. Motion activated LED lighting, elegant jewelry drawer round out the standards.  So, this is the best of the best.   It is no wonder that Liberty safe continues to be the best selling brand of gun safes in America.  So, this is why the Liberty Presidential gun safes are one of West Coast Safes best selling high end safes.

Additional information

Weight 990 lbs


Liberty Safes

Biggest Manufacturer of American Made Gun Safes Liberty Safes offer a wide variety of gun safes, home safes, and office safes. If you are interested in a gun safe than you have heard the name Liberty or even know someone with a Liberty. With a trusted household name more than 2 million customers have trusted their valuables with a safe from Liberty. Why Should you Choose a Liberty Gun Safe? When it comes to the sale of the best heavy duty security and fire protection gun safes, there's nothing like a Liberty. If you need a safe that fits your home or office you can check out in the Home and Office Safes Category. With our collection of safes, you don't need to worry about finding your match. Liberty has more than 30 models of the finest home, security and gun safes for sale, available in more than two dozen colors. Liberty Safes are Meant to Last Buying a gun safe is a lifetime purchase. We recommend depending on your budget to go for a bigger size safe so you can grow into it and won't need to buy a secondary safe later on. A safe is meant for much more than just guns. Valuables and important documents is a surprisingly popular application that our customer use their safes for. Whether its guns or valuables Safes by Liberty are built for peace of mind. Liberty's Unmatched Sales Guarantee A good lifetime warranty is a difference maker when it comes to selecting a gun safe. Their warranty is enough to sway many customers into choosing a Liberty over other manufactures. Come into our showroom and see what a difference it makes. We have a 1993 Presidential 25 that had an attempted break in 2014. It was replaced by a Brand New 2014 Presidential 25 free of charge. The warranty is transferable if you ever decide to sell it or hand it down to a family member. Need Help? Talk to one of our safe specialists or read “What is the Best Safe For Me?“ West Coast Safes also offers professional and discreet delivery and installation of your new safe.
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    Beautiful appearance, peace of mind. Sized to fit and makes a statement. Proud to own one.

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