Liberty Safe Deluxe Accessory Bundle


Outfit your safe with the Liberty Safe Deluxe Accessory Bundle – Install power, illuminate your safe, and control humidity with ease!

Product Details: Liberty Safe Deluxe Accessory Bundle


Enhance your Liberty Safe with the Deluxe Accessory Bundle and enjoy savings on our most popular accessories! Use this accessory bundle to add power, dehumidifier, and lights to any Liberty safe that didn’t already come with power. This kit can also replace the basic outlet kit that comes in Liberty safes such as the Colonial series.

Included in the Liberty Safe Deluxe Accessory Bundle:

  • Easy-to-install 6-wand interior light kit – comes with 6 linkable LED wands, motion sensor, and AC power adapter. Plugs into deluxe electrical outlet kit inside the safe.
  • 12-inch dehumidifier rod – keeps humidity under control inside your safe. Plugs into deluxe outlet kit inside the safe.
  • Deluxe electrical outlet kit – installs in the back of the safe. Provides 3 plugs inside and also has a 6 foot long cord to plug the safe into the nearest power outlet.

The deluxe outlet kit also retrofits into Liberty safes that are equipped with the older style outlet kit. You’ll use a hole saw to cut the interior for the larger outlet. Instructions are included in the kit, it’s fairly simple since the cutout in the steel body is the same shape. However, if your safe doesn’t have the correct cutout in the body, the deluxe outlet kit will not retrofit.


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