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Liberty Safe’s finest dehumidifier and is standard feature in all Liberty Presidential gun safes and all National Security gun safes. The PEET air circulating dehumidifier dries unwanted moisture inside the safe by gently raising the temperature inside the safe by circulating warm air through the natural convection process of rising heat and pushing down cold moist air to go through the unit. This process lowers the relative humidity inside the safe helping to keep valuables dry and increase longevity of valuables. Plugs into the electrical outlet kit (optional on some safes) or 110 outlet.  The Peet air circulating dehumidifier works especially well in high humidity locations.  It works even better than the Goldenrod dehumidifier, but in the same way, it dries the air by slightly warming the air which then rises and then cools as it rises dropping the air back to the bottom of the safe to warm all over again.  It is the circulation of dry air that keeps your safe or gun safe dry and excess moisture free.  This will prevent rusting on weapons and the onset of mildew and the musky odor associated with mold and mildew.  A Peet air circulating dehumidifier is a “cheap insurance” add on option for your safe or gun safe to make sure that you never have a moisture problem inside.  The Peet dryer is an excellent option for dehumidification.

In order to plug in this electrical PEET air circulating dehumidifier inside your safe, we recommend purchasing the ELECTRICAL OUTLET KIT. The ELECTRICAL OUTLET KIT comes installed on all Franklin series gun safes and higher. If you own or purchasing a Centurion, USA, 1776, Colonial or FATBOY Jr. safe, the Electrical Outlet Kit is optional and is sold separately.  West Coast Safes sells the Peet air circulating dehumidifier and many other dehumidifiers in our showroom and we ship them all over the country.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 4 in


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