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Rhino Ironworks Vault Door

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The Rhino Ironworks Vault Door is offered in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of your vault room build: (Out-Swing) IWVD 8030, IWVD 8035, IWVD 8040, IWVD 8045, and (In-Swing) IWVD 8240. The Rhino Vault Door is handcrafted with pride in the USA and built to last! All models come standard with a Sargeant & Greenleaf combination dial lock with an option to retrofit a Sargeant & Greenleaf electronic lock in its place. Each door is also offered with the option to decide whether the door is a right-hand or left-hand opening hinge to accommodate the specifics of your vault room build.  Today, more than ever, people are flocking to the idea of a safe room, panic room or storm shelter to protect their belonging and loved ones in the event of a fire, burglary or natural disaster.  With the affordability of a vault room, the protection that it provides and the ease of installation, it is no wonder why vault room doors have surged in recent years and continue to be a strong seller.  A Vault room also adds value to the future buyer of your home, in the event that down the road you need to move.  The classic antique look of the Rhino Vault Doors will add a real touch of elegance to any vault room project.

Rhino Ironworks Vault Door (Rhino Vault Doors) Required Opening Dimensions:

  • Each Out-Swing model requires a rough door opening of 80″H x 30″W, 35″W, and 45″W respectively.
  • The In-Swing model requires a rough door opening of 82″H x 40″W.

Rhino Ironworks Vault Door (Rhino Vault Doors) Features:

  • U.L. Listed S&G Lock
  • Fire Resistant Composite Door Construction with a Palusol Door Seal and Internal Fire
  • Ball Bearing Drill Plate Protects the Lock
  • Tempered Glass Remote Relocker and Spring Loaded Relocker Deadbolt System
  • 12 GA with 1/4″ Insert
  • Heavy Duty 1/4″ Steel Door and Frame
  • 8″ Plus Deep Frame, Telescoping Inner & Outer Door Frame for Secure Installation
  • Rhino Irownworks Vault Door Patented Anti-tamper Clutched Handle
  • 1-1/4″ Diameter Door Bolts
  • Hinges Allow Greater than 90° Opening for Better Access
  • Available as In-Swing or Out-Swing
  • Internal Release Mechanism and Override for Lock-in Situations
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (Details in Owner’s Manual)
  • Free Repair or Replacement After Burglary or Fire
  • Unique Antiqued Finish

Rhino Ironworks Vault Door (Rhino Vault Door) Sizes/Weights:

For any questions regarding a Rhino Ironworks Vault Door, please contact us.

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