Simtek StealthALERT

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Offering a long lasting battery life, requiring NO Wi-Fi connection with its built in cellular sim card. This card allows for alerts regardless of your location around the globe.

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Simtek StealthALERT:

Subscription data plan required.

Every Simtek StealthALERT uses a 4G cellular modem to send alerts and requires a Simtek data plan to operate. These safe monitoring systems come pre-installed with our global simcard and work around the world automatically.

Plans cost $4.20 monthly or $46.20 annually (prepaid annual plans save 8% and total $3.85 per month).

Each plan includes unlimited alerts with no contracts, and you may cancel anytime for any reason. Every safe alarm includes 30 days of free alerts without a credit card and full refunds are offered within 30 days if you’re not satisfied.

Data plan purchasing available in the Simtek app after the free trial ends. Another key point, upgrading before your free trial ends, any unused trial days transfer into your plan so you don’t lose them.

Alerts are sent over encrypted cellular connections. Simtek exclusively uses cellular technology as Wi-Fi is easily defeated by unplugging the router or power outages and easily hacked. Simtek reliability and performance remains unmatched. It simply works.

The peace of mind with Simtek is worth every penny. Includes 1 year warranty and our money back guarantee.

The Simtek StealthALERT system is a second generation safe monitoring system designed to work inside any safe!

Offering a 1 year battery life (~10 alerts/month) and a built in cellular GSM modem with a pre-installed global simcard, the Simtek StealthALERT offers you a low maintenance with no connectivity concerns about wifi!

The Simtek StealhALERT design maintains signal connection in low signal environments; safes, basements, field work, etc. Each sensor does include an external wired antenna for situations requiring a stronger signal.

This system allows you to add unlimited trusted friends and family members to receive the alerts from the app. Free of charge! This allows for added layers of protection alerting multiple people to a potential incursion. The Simtek StealhALERT is the pinnacle of safe monitoring technology!

  • Real-time alerts
  • Infrared motion sensor (PIR)
  • Light Sensor
  • Accelerometer (vibration sensor)
  • Fits in luggage
  • Usable in storage facilities
  • RV/Trailer/Boat Security


The Simtek StealthALERT offers comprehensive and reliable alerts to improve upon your peace of mind. The ultimate in safe monitoring technology!




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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 6 in


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