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Vanguard Storm Security Door


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The Prosteel Vanguard storm security door (Prosteel Vault Doors) offers home security and protection from severe weather conditions at a price never before available.  Choose from an attractive 2 or 6 panel design to match the decor of your home.  With a left hand or right hand in swing configuration the Prosteel Vanguard storm security door is sure to fit your application.  Available in both the 2’6″ and 3″0″ widths.  The Prosteel Vanguard storm security door, which is FEMA approved, is built around six chromed locking bolts and is offered with a electronic keypad locking mechanism.  Whether you need to protect your family from severe weather conditions, keep people out or keep valuables in, the Prosteel Vanguard storm security door is an effective and affordable way to do it.

Protect you and your valuables with a Prosteel Vanguard storm security door

Our ProSteel Vanguard Security Door will turn any closet or room into a secure vault at an economical price. You can’t be too careful these days. Eve


n the best neighborhoods can fall victim to criminals and violent storms can strike anywhere. Installing a residential or commercial steel security door or vault door is a good deterrent to the would-be home or business intruder.


Check out our industry leading Security, Appearance, Fire Protection and Ease-of-Use that make ProSteel Vanguard storm security door,  the doors that keep you safe.

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Browning ProSteel Gun Safes

When it comes to protecting your firearms and other valuable possessions from theft and fire, we know that you have options. But Browning Prosteel Gun safes strive to be more than just an option; they want to be the brand that you can rely on. They combine quality construction, proprietary technology, and patented interior designs that elevate them above the competition and give you peace of mind.

Unequaled Fire Protection

We understand that fire protection is more than just adding fire insulation to a gun safe. Other aspects of safe construction play crucial roles in the total fire protection package. Here, the little details add up to make or break the true fire protection a safe offers.

Nothing Protects Like Thermablock

Browning fire-tests all their safes in ways that other brands do not, because they know that internal hinges with gaps in fire protection leave your valuables unprotected. ThermaBlock and external hinges offer fire protection three times better than the protection provided by other safes of its type.

Gun Safe Storage Solutions

With the Axis shelving system, Browning ProSteel gun safes offer more space and better organization than any other safe in the industry. The patented interior design of a Browning ProSteel gun safe—available only from Browning—allows you to customize your safe by fitting more valuables inside and making them easier to find.

How do Browning Safes hold 54% more long guns?

The ProSteel safe features a back-of-door long gun rack, adding 54% more gun storage capacity and making your most frequently used long guns easily accessible.

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Talk to one of our safe specialists or read “What is the Best Safe For Me?“ West Coast Safes also offers professional and discreet delivery and installation of your new safe.

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