Safe Moving

If you need your safe or gun safe moved from one location to another in Southern California, on-site in Southern California, or picked up and shipped out of state, we can handle your needs. We can also install safes purchased from other stores that have been dropped off curbside or need to be picked up from the store and delivered to your home. Our own professional West Coast Safes installation crews take every precaution and use specialized equipment to move your safe without damaging it or your home. To receive a quote from our safe moving experts, contact us or call us at (800) 933-3515.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind when having your safe moved:

  • When calling us, please be prepared with the make, model, and size (such as Liberty Lincoln 25) of the safe. If you are unsure of these, we will ask for its dimensions and weight. If all else fails, we will have you send us pictures.
  • The safe must be open and emptied of all personal belongings (the interior components can remain in place).
  • Make sure our crews have clear access to the safe and room to use their equipment, whether in the garage or in the home.
  • Plan out the safe’s new location and make sure it can fit through all necessary door openings. Have a backup spot picked out just in case it can’t fit for some reason.
  • If the safe move involves a staircase at either location, we’ll ask for measurements of any landings and possibly ask to see pictures.
  • For long distance moves, we may do the re-installation on a different date than the pick up.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to call us, our schedule fills up fast!

Local (Southern California)

For local Southern California moves from one location to another, our minimum rate is $375. Size, weight, in-home installations/extractions, additional steps or stairs, and long travel distances will increase the cost accordingly. If you need your safe moved on-site only, our standard installation rates will apply instead. Our safe moving service includes unbolting your safe, wrapping/boxing it to protect its finish, transporting it, protecting your flooring and thresholds as needed, shimming it level, and anchoring it to the floor (if possible/wanted). If you can’t move your safe directly to its new home, we can store them too! We charge $30 per month and can keep your safe in our warehouse until you’re ready for it. We treat our moves with the same care and discretion as a new installation. To see what our delivery and installation service looks like, check out our Delivery Information or watch our delivery video.

Out of State

If you need your safe moved from Southern California to another state, there are a number of options. If you are using a moving truck or a pod, we can unbolt your safe, wrap/box it to protect its finish, and load it for you. This service starts at $250 and increases based on size, weight, in-home extractions, and any additional steps or stairs. We can also bring your safe back to our shop, package it, and ship it via LTL Freight. This service is curbside only and does not include unpacking, setting up, or installing your safe at your new residence. Lastly, we can ship your safe to an installer out of state who can perform the final installation.

two men delivering a safe up a flight of stairs