USA Made Gun Safes

USA Made Gun Safes

This blog is for those looking for information about the top gun safe brands made in the USA.

Fort Knox Gun Safes

Fort Knox-All US made Gun Safes

Fort Knox is a reputable US manufacturer of gun safes and vaults. They offer a range of vaults for gun and valuable storage. With features such as industry leading fire protection, customizable interiors, and the most comprehensive lifetime warranty in the business, they are hard to beat. Their gun safes offer rugged security and luxurious design, combining elegance and superior craftsmanship. Constructed with high-quality materials Fort Knox safes offer top of the line protection for your guns, valuables, and important documents.

When selecting a Fort Knox vault, you have the opportunity to customize it according to your needs. You can choose the size, color, steel thickness, and accessories to create a safe that best fits your requirements. This customization allows you to have a personalized, one of a kind gun safe rather than settling for a generic option.

Fort Knox is proud to offer a true comprehensive lifetime warranty for their gun safes that not only covers any fire damage or attempted break in damage but also covers the lock, interior, handle/bolt work, mechanism, clutch, and body of the vault. This warranty demonstrates their confidence in the quality and durability of their products.

In summary, Fort Knox is a trusted US manufacturer of gun safes and vaults, offering high quality products with industry leading fire protection, customizability, and warranty. Their gun safes provide excellent security designed to protect your firearms and valuables.


Champion is a top rated brand for gun safes built in the US. They’re based out of Provo, UT and also produce Superior safes. Champion safes tough construction will keep out the most opportunistic thieves. Providing excellent protection for firearms and other valuables. With a focus on durability and US construction, Champion’s US built gun safes are some of the heaviest, strongest, and some of the most secure safes on the market. Furthermore, they offer a high fire rating and lifetime warranty coverage. This manufacturer’s popular USA made offerings are the Triumph/Master, Crown/Supreme, and top of the line Untouchable.

Rhino Metals

Rhino Metals, Inc. is an American manufacturer producing high quality gun safes. They offer a wide range of gun safes designed to protect firearms and valuables. Rhino Metals takes pride in manufacturing their gun safes in the USA, ensuring quality craftsmanship and durability.

They offer a wide array of sizes in their firearm safes. US built models from this manufacture are the RBX, CX, RSB, A Series, AIW, and Thunderbolt Series.

It’s worth noting that Rhino Metals, Inc. was founded in 1995 by a veteran and fighter pilot named Don Suggs, who applied his commitment to excellence gained from his military experience to his safe company.

Browning Prestige 49


Known for its high quality firearms as well as gun safes, Browning is a well respected brand in the gun industry. Their US made safes come with features like pry resistant jambs, adjustable shelving, and fire insulation. When considering this brand look for safes with a made in the USA sticker on the door jamb, for example the Grand, Deluxe, Prestige, Pinnacle lines of safe

Browning Pro Series gun safes offer top notch security features, high quality construction, and innovative interior design. These safes come with premium oversize MAX bolts, advanced Gear Drive Locking Systems, Thermablock fire insulation, and Axis interior to provide excellent protection for your firearms.

Pro Series gun safes are available exclusively through select dealers, ensuring that customers receive the highest quality products and service. These dealers are also specially chosen to provide assistance to suit individual needs.


American Security offers a series of gun safes manufactured in the US called the BFX/BFII. Know for its high security the BFX Gun Safe also has great protection features. It has a U.L. certified RSC Level I rating while the Level II rating comes with the BFII series. Their incredible burglary protection and  ETL 2hr fire protection give these safes an incredible high-end value at a mid-level price. Constructed with with a plate steel door, dual reinforced door frame, poured-in DryLight fire insulation, as well as active 4 sided locking bolts. Also featuring the industry’s only corrosive resistant bolt work and long solid steel locking bolts to protect against pry attacks.

Highly regarded by gun owners, American Security’s BFX and BFII are a great choice . Amsec offers peace of mind for gun owners looking to store their weapons in a high-end safe for a mid-level budget.

You can find more information and buy the American Security BFX or BFII Gun Safes from authorized retailers.


Overall, these US built guns safes would make any firearm enthusiast have peace of mind.

West Coast Safes is a trusted company based in Southern California that specializes in selling and delivering quality gun safes. They offer a wide range of safes, including top US brands such as AMSEC, Champion, Browning, Fort Knox, Rhino.

One advantage of buying from West Coast Safes is their vast selection. Allowing you to find a safe that meets your specific needs in terms of size, security features, and budget.

Additionally, West Coast Safes provides professional delivery and installation services. Thus ensuring that your safe is properly set up and secured in your desired location.

Overall, West Coast Safes commitment to customer satisfaction and delivering high quality safes from top brands is their top priority.