After pouring over page upon page on the internet trying to find a safe that fits you and your family’s needs, eventually one gets so inundated with information that they sort of hit a wall. There are a ton of factors that come into play when purchasing a safe such as size, fire protection, steel thickness, weight, can the safe be delivered, gun safe warranty? So many questions are unanswered by your research. Once you decide to buy a safe you start the comparison of brands; Liberty Safe vs Sturdy, Fort Knox vs American Security, Liberty Safe vs Bighorn, Canon Safe vs Browning, etc etc? How are the gun safe reviews ? How are the gun safes warranty comparison ? Where is the best place to buy a gun safe Costco, Amazon, or should I go to a specialty retailer?  Your best bet would be to visit a safe retailer in your area who can guide you through the different product lines they feature, if a retailer only features one brand know that they will be slightly biased as it is all they carry. If you do not have a retailer in your area Liberty Safe has a great quiz that allows you to choose one of their models based off questions regarding your needs and answers given.