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West Coast Safes sells top-of-the-line safes, gun safes, rifle safes and high security vaults and vault doors (hidden doors).  Our safes are designed to give you peace of mind knowing your valuables are well-protected. We carry a variety of  American made gun safes styles to suit your individual needs. West Coast Safes carries: Liberty , American Security gun safes,  Browning safes, Champion gun safes, Fort Knox, Superior safes and Summit safes.  From depository safes and shotgun safes, home fire and burglary safes, office safes, vault doors (Liberty vault doors, Liberty hidden doors), Amsec vault doors, Amsec hidden doors, Browning vault doors, Browning hidden doors, and Fort Knox vault doors) and more, we offer what you need to keep all your priceless possessions secure.

At West Coast Safes, you can purchase high quality, brand name safes like Liberty safes, American Security, Champion gun safes and Superior safes at low discounted prices.  Therefore, our shipped rates are so low our overall price will be lower than those free shipping websites.  We deal with the most reputable safe, gun safe, vault door and high security safe manufacturers in the business.  Therefore, we are able to offer our customers reliable options that are built to last.

Our Brands

Our brand name safes and gun safes manufacturers include American Security, Browning ProSteel, Champion, Fort Knox, Liberty, National Security, Summit gun safes and Superior American made gun safes.  As a result,  many of our products are attractive and can blend well with any décor.  Our rifle and shotgun safes for sale are available in many sizes and can accommodate 8, 14 or 16 guns.  We even have safes that will accommodate up to 120 long guns.  We offer the lowest overall price so that we even beat the free shipping web sites prices. When shopping for the ideal gun safe it is important to remember that not all products are the same.

There are different levels of fire and burglary protection involved with each security safe, and the one you choose depends on your particular circumstances. We recommend you consult with us to help you find the perfect fireproof gun safe to meet your needs. Shop the best “American Made” gun safes available online with the cheapest shipping or visit our showroom in Ontario, California. Our prices are so low that with our cheap shipping rates we usually beat the prices of the “free shipping” web sites. Purchases can be picked up at our showroom/warehouse, or we offer curbside shipping nationwide.

Our Service Area

If you do choose to have your safe shipped, rest assured that it will be a discreet transaction.  If you have any questions about any of our products or services, please feel free to call us toll free at 1-800-933-3515.   One of our knowledgeable experts will be happy to assist you. West Coast Safes proudly serves all of Southern California with delivery and installation to San Diego county, Orange county, San Bernardino county, Los Angeles county, Riverside county as well as Imperial county, Santa Barbara county and Ventura county. Trust West Coast Safes, Southern California’s best in American made gun safes and the largest display of safes on the West Coast, featuring Liberty, American Security gun safes, Champion gun safes, Superior safes Fort Knox, Summit and Rhino, Browning and customer service since 1990.